Do you want to work with us to find the right workforce for you that has EU citizenship?

If your answer is yes, then it is good to know the following!

We offer profiles of workers in the sector of automotive industry, construction, shipbuilding, industry, logistics, agriculture from 5 countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and northern Macedonia.

All our candidates have EU citizenship, and most candidates speak English or German or both.

Candidates from non-European countries we have mentioned have dual citizenships, one of which is from EU countries.

Also, according to your needs, we can mediate in the search for candidates from other sectors that we have not listed and thus allow you to find the shortest way to quality and competent workers through us.

Tell us what you need and with the experience and knowledge of our experts combined with smart technology and advertising on paid job portals, we choose the best candidates for you.

Our team guarantees the quality of the selected workers, and after the completion of the worker selection process, our practice is to monitor the progress of the employed candidate, as well as the client’s satisfaction with his work.

You can communicate with us in English, German and Croatian.


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